You can import, in accordance with the laws and regulations in force:

  • A new passenger vehicle
  • importer par vos propres moyens
  • The vehicle must have 0 mileage, maximum date of manufacture 12 months and COC certificate of conformity

You are established in the national territory for a periode equal to or greater than three (03) years as a worker, student, certified legal personality.

You benefit from the advantages of the temporary importation regime for the duration of the stay granted by the authorised authorities
Temporary importation of vehicles is subject to a special registration (CMD, CC, CD, 66, 88)

Used spare parts for commercial use are prohibited for import.

Calculation formulas:

  • customs duties = (real value of the object + freight (transport) + insurance) x rate of customs duties
  • VAT = (real value of the object + freight (transport) + insurance + customs duties) x VAT rate

Customs duty amount = 10,000.00 DA (customs value) x 30% (D.D rate) = 3,000.00 DA.

VAT amount = (10,000.00 DA + 3,000.00 DA) x 19% = 2,470 DA.

Amount of duties and taxes to pay = 3,000.00 DA + 2,470.00 DA = 5,470.00 DA.

To clear your car, you must prepare your file and contact a customs agent of your choice.